18/3/2020 South

South Sudan has seen an era of suffering and despair for its citizens for the past decade. despite the limited peace that granted a solemn calmness for the brief moment that it was, our country still is far from stable and will need far more work before her citizens could enjoy the fruits of her loins. Poverty, instability, corruption, and lack of proper healthcare are just some of the many issues plaguing the Land of Junubins. Of course as many can surmise that a country’s prosperity is highly dependents on the hands of its citizens.

Does this beg the question of Why South Sudan Weekly? This news site will take the initiative to stand at the forefront of reporting and bringing to all south Sudanese worldwide a perspective that can enable a generation of well-informed citizens of the country. we shall endeavor in the business of telling the truth as it is and critically decimating the goings of the country in the areas of Politics, Business, Science, Education, Religion, and Health just to name a few.

At the start of a new decade, South Sudan deserves a new start for her citizens and www.southsudanweekly.com shall keep her citizens informed with excellent research and quotable content. take this new journey with us to shape the next era of progress and change for South Sudan.