The feud between Bul Nuer and Twic Mayardit communities is politically motivated by bureaucrats in Juba and not what the local population think. Last week the new postulated spiritual son of Mut Turoah who inherited his father divinities after his father passed away in December 2018 visited his maternal uncles in Aweng Payam. Garang Mut Turoah whose mother hailed from Akuar Athobek was on a peace mission for the two communities to co-exist together along trans-boundary where their cattle graze and roam freely. He was surprised to hear some youths from Twic Mayardit had organized a raiding expedition on their counterparts from Mayom county, Garang being a peace-loving person still continued with his peace mission despite hearing that some of his herds were stolen by Twic youths. 

On his return to his village in Mayom county, he was largely received by youths who were hyped by anger due to loss of their cattle and lives. Garang being the first educated person to have inherited divinity from Gatdeng deity did not encourage retaliation notwithstanding the lost he incurred during the raid(his cattle boma lost 70% of the cattle). He promised them that he met elders who assured him of harmony between the two communities whose some are his maternal uncles. 

Despite all his efforts of bringing peace between these communities where intermarriage is at a climax, some youths who are part of community para-military unit still went unnoticed to Twic county and avenged. This led to magnanimous lost of both lives and cattle. With the stained political turmoil that began in  2013- date, top political brass from both communities are using it for self-interest. Some with the lobbying ideology of seeking and maintaining position tend to create an atmosphere that does not allow the local chiefs who are conversant with the real situation that could allow them to contain the catastrophic raiding habit. 

Now, this has left the intellectuals from both communities to incite the nomadic youths whose livelihoods are based on pastoralism to fight one another. The responsibility of the government is supposed to protect, maintain law and order. Instead of carrying out such primary duties, they have abandoned these communities for a commercial tool. This came as a result of breaching some essential clauses which were supposed to be first implemented in the post-peace agreement. If the R-TGONU had implemented security arrangements, constituting legislative assembly and state governments, maybe all these inter-communal clashes could not have happened. Instead of the aggrieved persons thinking of carrying out retaliation, let’s push the government to constitute states and local governance structures. Then, it will be upon the leaders appointed to build their legacies or demean them.

Meanwhile, I want to take this opportunity to urged my fellow youths from both sides to refrain from negative and inflammatory sentiments that can open scars that had already been caused. I’m tired of losing family members from both sides every time these matters arise. 

My Heartfelt Condolences To Families Of Those Who Lost Their Loved Ones.

By Garang Paljor Wiyoah