Politics in Jonglei state is becoming so tensious amidst the political allocation of gubernatorial seats between the IO and the IG. It is so much evidence that there are a special class of saints in Jonglei state who are calling others tribal oligarchs. Well, before you utter these intimidating utterances it is wise to ask yourself a few queries about what IO is composed of. The SPLM IO has members from almost all the tribes in Jonglei state. If you now know this, why is it so easy to call your brother with a dissenting view a tribal minded oligarch before making sense out of what they are trying to say? Others will go to an extend of accusing the men and women from gregarious greater bor community (Bor-twic east -Duk) that they do not want our brothers from the prodigious Nuer community. Is IO a nuer party only? Definitely No!!!IO has members from greater bor too. This is to say that anybody who disagrees with the government allocation of Jonglei state to IO is just expressing a preference but not necessarily against any tribe. The IO as a party can pick a governor from any tribe within Jonglei state for that matter. This is enough to vindicate the empty allegations that members from greater bor don’t want their nuer brothers.

If it were not for the agreement that is being implemented for the sake of peace, someone would say that the entire episode of state distribution between the government and the opposition was a wrong choice. It will always be a good idea to allow members of a state to exercise their democratic power in deciding who to lead the state. However, given the current situation as it is, we must remember that those who are disagreeing with this allocation of states may be affiliated to the historical path which places Dr Machar in the bad side in the minds of the people of greater bor. In a nutshell, history has never forgiven Riek Machar among the majority of the greater bor community for this is the particular community people are accusing of being tribal within the state. The fact that the IO as a party is being led by Dr Riek Machar brings a certain premonition in the minds of people. They feel like Dr Machar is being drawn closer to them without considering what he did as an individual. Most people in greater bor are taking the atrocities committed by Dr Riek Machar too personal (refer to John kudus’ song,” ater”).

If IO was led by someone else, I am sure this arm -closure may not have emanated from a certain clique of people within the state. The arms would be opened to hospitably welcome anybody from any party in the state gubernatorial position. Even if we get Dr Machar’s brother for a governor, we would be very okay with him and his services so long as he is from another party led by someone else, not Dr Machar. Being in a society where people are learned, we understand what we mean by a deep-seated animosity and comparatively, we can differentiate this with a little political misunderstanding in the area of political strategies at a coffee table. This is not as trivial as people think. I believe people have had enough of Dr Riek Machar ideologies. We can, therefore, abscond from ruling out these dissidents within the state. Those religious bigots who are judging others should stop. The best thing we can do in this situation is to develop a conversation with them(dissidents) but hauling at them in the very same way I have witnessed is a wrong approach. In as much as we share the state, everybody has his/her own healing time, others may definitely end up not healing at all. People should not be forced to forgive Dr Riek Machar if they are not willing to or if they ask for more time. This is a very normal situation. In economics, we say it is a normal curve. So please give those dissidents a break.

To those who are talking about service delivery, it is obvious that nobody refuses to receive services from recognised governance. We shall all applaud any leader who shall give us security even if it won’t be absolute, who shall provide employment to the masses, who shall create favourable macroeconomic environments for businesses to thrive and any other vitalities that he can help the citizens with. So, services are not anybody’s challenge. The only thing that those who are pro-IO in Jonglei state aren’t getting right in my view is the fact that they are putting so much faith in angels they have never met. The IO has no manifestos on the kinds of services they shall provide to the people of Jonglei state just like their counterparts. The IO and IG are two pigmies arguing who is taller than the other. However, the IG is better because of their personal relations with the people within the state as compared to the perception of Dr. Riek Machar’s party. Therefore, it is correct to say the approach being projected by those who justify the presence of IO government in the state is based on a try and error scale line. There is no absolute assurance on the same.

As such, I am encouraging the pro-IO in Jonglei state to be liberal and cling to optimism instead of saying with absolute assurances that services will be delivered with the coming of IO. Just anticipate but don’t confirm till we see. In conclusion, the aim of this piece of writing is NOT to discredit anybody but to put records straight that we from the greater bor are TRIBAL. What this dissenting group of people within Jonglei state is saying is that they don’t see sense in bringing the same man (Dr Riek Machar) who intentionally slain their sons and daughters in 1991,2013 and 2016 without any good reason, to the state where he can sell his ever idiosyncratic ideologies through lobbying for a span of three years, not because they are tribal oligarchs. The government should have considered the fact that nowadays, people don’t see the parties as a whole but the heads of those parties. Those who were distributing these states would have reconsidered the history of genocide attached to Dr Machar of the SPLM IO. Those who want to interpret this piece the way they always do are at liberty to do so but they should diligently remember that dissenting is NOT being tribal minded. By writing this, I became eased,

By Kuir Mayen Kuir