The African identity has been defined by the Entrepreneurial senses of its youth by transforming the modern African culture into clothing design and aesthetics. The cultural aspect embedded in African patterned clothings is one that is inspired by the various cultures that makes up the beautiful continent. Youth across the entire plain have taken inspiration from their roots and transformed this into products that can both inspire and uplift your sense of style.

The clothing industry is on the rise and young South Sudanese across East Africa are working hard to preserve the beauty of traditional patterns. Bi̱i̱y Yɔgɛkä is currently trending in the horn of Africa. Thier well designed and patterned suits, and cleverly fitted dresses for the ladies makes you stand out through the crowd. Bi̱i̱y Yɔgɛkä does not just clothes you but puts you in the spotlights of a modernized culturally styled attire that sends a statement “I have a culture and I’m proud of it”.

Bi̱i̱y Yɔgɛkä Women Clothings

Bi̱i̱y Yɔgɛkä gives you the passion to love your fashion. The brand is determined to make a spectacle of your appearance through culturally patterned design that can fit your fashion needs.

Bi̱i̱y Yɔgɛkä Men Clothings