Life n’ Style Weekly Digest

Hello there! Welcome to our weekly digest! Today, you will see a few ways you can keep yourself healthy and remain strong during and past the phase of quarantine.

by Grace John on June 16, 2020

Most of us have or had a certain routine that we were abiding by before the pandemic hit which was either systematic or perhaps an organized mess. Either way, we had a way of life that we were living and were not essentially prepared for a life indoors day in day out. Suddenly you are faced with a dilemma of no spontaneity and are faced with a different routine than we are used to. 

Sudden changes of our routine are good to keep us interested and energetic. But what  happens when you are no longer spoiled for choice? What happens when you find yourself in such a situation where most of your entertainment is indoors? 

Let us explore some ways of keeping healthy and staying active at home just as you would in the outdoors.

  1. Indoor Cardio.

I know this may sound weird, but give me a chance to explain or describe what I mean. Without the option of going too far from home, how about getting your daily steps completed by marching in one position like scouts. After two minutes, accelerate the march into a soft jog in place, and do that for close to four minutes. Then reduce your pace to a march again in two more minutes. 

This simple exercise burns off calories because it is a cardio exercise meant to increase your heart rate which makes it healthier and helps you burn off unnecessary fats. Try this one and comment how it goes for you.

  1.  Try a new Recipe

This is such a great time to experiment in the kitchen and try out simple recipes to make your food experience more interesting. Yo can also touch up on old recipes and find a new and exciting way to elevate normal foods like eggs, potatoes or even milk. There’s many simple recipes that can keep you occupied during this indoor stay that could not only sharpen your skill and taste but also help you remain healthy as well.

Have you tried poaching eggs, or making deviled eggs? How about a potato mash, or potato puree? The possibilities are endless. How about trying one out and comment on how that went for you?

  1.  Read a Book

Inasmuch as we keep our physical bodies healthy, it is also important to keep our minds healthy by giving them mind food. Reading has been known to help our imagination and could boost our creativity. Reading also gives us a good understanding of the language and improves our grammar. This is because the voice in our head reads it out in our minds and we become more fluent. 

This quarantine could be that opportunity you always wanted, the time you needed to read that book you always tucked away. Feed your mind and get a book to read. You could also utilize this time to go through the bible like you always wanted to. 

When utilized, we can come out healthier because we are becoming more mindful of the activities we do and the foods we ingest. I hope this quarantine helps you do some of the things you postpone indefinitely or things you have on your bucket list.

I hope you find some inspiration to begin or continue a healthy lifestyle!